Session 8: How Light Stimulates the Human Eye/Brain; Understanding the Science of How the Human Body Interacts with Light

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Key Concepts in Session 8: 
  1. Understanding the makeup of the eye and its interaction with the brain
  2. Role of the rods and cones
  3. How the eye changes to see varying distance & how that is restricted with age
  4. Normal field of view
  5. Photopic, mesopic & scotopic vision light levels
  6. How light level affects our color perception
  7. Understanding light level variation and patterning in a space
  8. Understanding physical obstacles in a night space
  9. Using light to guide people through space
  10. How glare impacts lit spaces
  11. Additive versus subtractive color
  12. Understanding color temperature and its interaction with objects
  13. How light sources can vary based on their relationship to the blackbody locus
  14. Understanding the variety of conditions of daylight
  15. Light Sensitivity curve for humans and for plants
  16. LED light and color production varies greatly from old technology sources

Janet Lennox Moyer, FIALD, AOLP COLD

Lighting Designer, Founder of ILLI

Janet Lennox Moyer Design

Jan began her lighting design career in 1976. She began specializing in landscape lighting in the mid 1980s and wrote the essential book used around the world, The Landscape Lighting Book, first released in 1992 and now in its third edition (Wiley, 2013). Over her career, she has worked on projects large and small, from the Defense Intelligence Agency’s first home in Washington, DC, to winery caves, entertainment gardens, and botanical gardens.

Jan has taught lighting design since undergraduate school at UC Berkeley, Rutgers, and the Lighting Research Center, among others. She founded the International Landscape Lighting Institute (ILLI), a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization that provides landscape lighting education classes in the U.S. and abroad.

Jan has written countless articles and been included in multiple books on lighting. Her husband, George Gruel, produced a book of Jan’s lighting projects called She Paints with Light to help people visualize landscape lighting. Currently, she is producing a set of 20 videos with Garden Light LED for a new educational platform called Learn Night Light. In addition, she has begun work on a full-color design book, The Art of Landscape Lighting: A Designer’s Companion, which will provide inspiration for designers through her learnings over more than 45 years of lighting design. It is scheduled for a fall 2021 release.


Session 8 Workbook
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Open to download resource. The workbook features photographs, additional insights, and places for you to take your own notes and observations.
Session 8 Video
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Session 8 Quiz
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10 Questions  |  Unlimited attempts  |  7/10 points to pass You will need to download the workbook to complete the quiz, and watch the video in its entirety.