1) How do I register to take a course on the IES eLearning website?

See Getting Started.

2) How do I log in to IES eLearning?

Your login for the eLearning Center is the same as your login for the MY IES profile. For additional information, see Getting Started.

3) Where can I find what courses I have registered for but not yet completed?

On the left-side menu, click My eLearning Dashboard. There, you can “Filter by status” and see all course, or those Completed and In progress. If you have not paid for the course yet, check your Cart (also in the left-side menu).

4) How do I get my CEU certificate?

Upon successful completion of course requirements, a certificate is available immediately for download or print. If you choose not to download it immediately, you can access it later via My eLearning Dashboard.

5) Do I need to be an IES member to take courses on the IES eLearning website?

No, anyone can take a course in the IES eLearning Center. However, non-IES members will need to create an account to access the courses and CEUs. You only need to create an account once, and within that process there’s an option to opt-out of updates and emails.

6) What if I can’t find my email receipt?

No problem. On the eLearning Homepage, there’s a link to “My eLearning Dashboard”, if you choose “Completed” at the top, under “Filter by status”, you’ll see a list of each course you’ve successfully completed. Directly below the course title, is a “Resend Receipt” link.

7) What is a “Package” in the eLearning course list?

It’s a combination of corresponding courses offered at a discounted rate. For example, Architecture for Light Parts 1 and 2 are available as a package, which saves you $5.00. They are still available for purchase individually, at the full rate.

8) What if I fail the quiz?

You have unlimited attempts to score the necessary points to pass a quiz (typically, our courses require you to achieve 7 points of 10 total points to pass).

9) Does the IES keep track of my IES CEU credits?

We don’t. It’s the responsibility of the learner to keep track of them. However, the ”My eLearning Dashboard” makes it easy to do so. See FAQ #6 above for more information.

10) What organizations accept IES CEU credits?

It is the exclusive responsibility of the learner to verify if your specific organization accepts IES CEUs. The list is continuing to grow!

11) What if I have a group that wants to view the course together?

Great idea! You’re welcome to do that, but in order to earn a CEU credit (and get a certificate) each individual needs to be registered, and take the quiz separately.

12) Will there be more courses added in the IES eLearning Center?

The IES is continuing to develop new courses on an ongoing basis. If you have a suggestion for a course please contact us at elearning@ies.org.

13) Can I still watch archived content like Standards Webinars and Education Webinars for free as a member?

Sure. You just need to go to the IES Homepage, and under the Education tab, select the content of your choice.

14) My company has lighting education videos/webinars, can we have these posted on the IES eLearning website?

Please contact elearning@ies.org to inquire.

15) Is there a benefit of being an IES member in taking these courses?

IES Members save at least $15 a course. Plus, IES members will get updates as the IES eLearning Center grows.

16) How can I become an IES member?

We’re glad you asked! Please visit our Join the IES page.

17) How can I find an IES Section near me?

We have over 90 Sections, to see if there are local IES members near you, visit our Regions, Districts, and Sections page.

18) What is the IES elearning refund policy?

Registration fees on the elearning portal are nonrefundable, and courses are nontransferable.