About These Courses: Learn Night Light with Janet Lennox Moyer

It gets dark every night. This collection of twenty training sessions, provides the groundwork necessary for lighting professionals to create safe and pleasing night environments. Designer and Author Janet Lennox Moyer shares her knowledge and what she discovered on thousands of lighting design projects over her 48-years in-the-field experience.


At the end of these courses, participants will be able to: 

  • Recognize landscape lighting differences from other types of lighting.
  • Understand the secret of the science and art behind illumination.
  • Understand humans’ perception of light and how we use light to guide people through nighttime landscape spaces.
  • Elevate your capacity and expand your creativity with landscape lighting.
  • Select the right lighting equipment using LED technology.
  • Create lighting design plans tailored to your clients’ needs.

Armed with fundamental tools and techniques, Learn Night Light will help you create effects that produce stunning, useable, and sustainable night scenes for your clients.

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Course 1: Session Themes: 

Session 1: Composition Elements
Session 2: Creating a Sense of Depth
Session 3: Lighting Structures and Buildings
Session 4: Lighting Art
Session 5: Lighting Objectives and Expression
Session 6: Plant Lighting Guidelines
Session 7: View Out Windows and/or Across Garden
Session 8: How Light Stimulates the Human Eye/Brain
Session 9: Using Shadows
Session 10: Lighting Water Features


Course 2: Session Themes: 

Session 11: Starting with Downlighting
Session 12: Important Aspects to Consider when Choosing Light Fixtures
Session 13: Planning Site Power Distribution and Understanding Wiring Techniques; 
Session 14: Lighting Walkways and Stairs
Session 15: Lighting Deciduous Trees
Session 16: Lighting Evergreen Trees
Session 17: Lighting for and in Snow
Session 18: Planning for Lighting to Respond to Garden Evolution
Session 19: Planning a Mockup or Aiming Session
Session 20: The Importance of Maintenance


Courses Structure and Resources: 

Each of the twenty individual sessions (featuring a video, workbook, and quiz) can be completed at your own pace. We recommend downloading the workbook for each session before watching the corresponding video. As you watch the videos, the workbook can be used as a guide to the concepts covered in the session. Utilize the workbook, and your own notes and observations to take the quiz for each session. Upon successful completion of the quiz at the end of each session (you have unlimited attempts), you will unlock the next session in the course. Each session must be watched in order, but once you've completed one, you can revisit it as many times as you'd like to. 

Continuing Education: 

Course 1 (Sessions 1-10) and Course 2 (Sessions 11-20) are each registered for continuing education credits with IES, ASLA, and AIA. Upon completion of both courses, earn 20 IES CEU, 20 LA CES, and 20 AIA LU. 

SAVE $100 when you register for both courses. Use code: LNLSAVE at checkout. Click on the courses below to register. 

  • Contains 10 Product(s)

    The specifics and intricacies of landscape lighting differ from other types of lighting. Looking at the science and the art of lighting, how humans perceive light, and how we use light to guide humans through a night landscape space, this program will elevate understanding and expand creativity. This collection of ten individual sessions provides the groundwork that lighting designers need to create safe and pleasing night environments.

  • Contains 10 Product(s)

    In Course 2, we continue to explore the specifics and intricacies of landscape lighting, This collection of ten individual sessions expands upon the groundwork provided in Learn Night Light, Course 1. Continue learning best practices in landscape lighting in sessions that cover weather, wiring and power distribution, and maintenance.