Color Outside the Lines: Unconventional Applications for Dynamic Lighting

About this Course

The IES offers Educational Webinars throughout the year, purposefully spanning a broad range of topics and speaker expertise. This was a live webinar, now available as an archived webinar and CEU course.

Description: Dynamic lighting unlocks a whole new layer of lighting capability for lighting designers and engineers, but do you know how to use it? What applications is it appropriate for and what can it be used to do? This presentation will explore some innovative ways to use dynamic light and showcase some unconventional examples. Presented by Brent Protzman, PHD and Craig Casey, of Lutron’s building science team, the presentation will explore use case examples, key details on how to think outside the box yourself, as well as how implement the strategies presented yourself.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course learners will be able to...

1. Define dynamic lighting capabilities.  
2. Describe typical uses of dynamic lighting.  
3. Propose a novel application of dynamic lighting.  
4. Evaluate whether a given technology can meet the needs of dynamic lighting application. 


Color Outside the Lines: Unconventional Applications for Dynamic Lighting
Open to view video.
Open to view video. This video is required for course completion.
3 Questions
3 Questions This survey is required for course completion.
1.00 CEU credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 CEU credit  |  Certificate available

Brent Protzman

Director of Building Science and Standards Development

Brent has a Ph.D in Architectural Engineering from the University of Nebraska and is the author of numerous published articles on building science. Brent is a former professor and researcher in the Building Systems Program at the University of Colorado where he focused on human factors in lighting, daylighting performance, and energy audits and simulations. With this expertise, he has unique understanding of the interactions between human-centric design, operational efficiency, and sustainability. Brent serves on the IES Daylighting and Papers Committees, on the Board of Directors for the AERC (Attachment Energy Ratings Council), and is often a peer reviewer for journals and grant reviews. At Lutron, Brent is the director of Building Science and Standards Development. This team’s research and collaborations are often at the forefront of engineering, design innovation, and market growth.

Craig Casey

Senior Building Science Engineer

Craig Casey is a Senior Building Science Engineer at LutronElectronics Co., Inc.  He conducts applied research on energy and humanbenefits of lighting and daylighting controls.  He has presented multipletimes at the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Annual Conference as well as avariety of local IES section events. He has presented at LightFair the pastthree years.  Craig currently sits on two committees within theIlluminating Engineering Society and chairs the AERC committee on Attachment OperationSchedules.  Craig received the IES Presidential Award in 2016 for chairingthe Conference Steering Committee for the 2015 IES Annual Conference.