2020 IES Leadership Forum

Recorded On: 08/20/2020


Welcome back to another IES Leadership Forum! As much of the world has gone virtual, so too has the Leadership Forum. What hasn’t changed is the dedicated group of volunteers, committed to delivering an excellent leadership forum experience, no matter the format. From conflict resolution, to crisis management, there is something for everyone to learn. Prepare the signature cocktail, ask questions of senior board membership, and join your fellow IES members for what promises to be another amazing leadership forum!

Session 1: "What your position actually means"
Session 2: "Building a successful program year"
Session 3: "Succession planning"

About IES Leadership Forum

The IES Leadership Forum is a full day program designed by the IES Leadership Forum Committee. The purpose of the workshop is to help leaders, at all levels of the Society, effectively work with volunteers and strengthen their leadership skills. The committee focuses on topics to help the attendee become more effective when they return to their respective section/committee such as time management, team building, project management, communication, and leadership skills.


Leadership Forum Part 1: What Does My Position Mean?
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Presented by Dan Salinas and Rick Paradis
Leadership Forum Part 2: Building a Successful Programs Year
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Presented by Mariel Acevedo and Becky Stuart Connor.
Leadership Forum Part 3: Succession Planning
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Presented by Billy Tubb and Jim Radi.
No credits available  |  Certificate available
No credits available  |  Certificate available