Codes & Standards

  • The annual update is kicked off with the Strategic Plan, Society Awards including Louis B Marks, Medal, DSA, Fellows, and the Presidential Awards. Immediately following, the IES Staff provides perspective on the year's efforts in Outreach, Research, Education and Standards, ending with a special preview of the IES online Lighting Library.

  • In this session of Light for Life, The Society of Electrical, Electronics and Engineers in Israel presents "Let there be dark"- Ecological consequences of light pollution and mitigation for nature conservation in Israel" with Noam Leader. “Light for Life” is a global conversation about the impact of light on the lives of humans, plants, and animals. As hosts of this collaborative webinar series, the IES facilitated 17 webinars with curated content from partner organizations around the world. No CEU is offered for this presentation.

  • Presented by PNNL experts and partners, this series, "Meeting the Moment" explores how future lighting systems have the potential to be more energy-efficient, flexible, and controllable, to improve our well-being and productivity, and reduce negative environmental impacts. IES Members can rewatch this archive for free!

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    The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), in collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), is pleased to offer a special five-part free webinar series, “Taming Complexity.” Presented by PNNL experts and partners, this series will explore ongoing efforts to better understand and reduce the ever-growing complexity of advanced lighting systems. IES Members can rewatch this archive for free!

  • This webinar will explore some practical solutions to address controls complexity, including development of a clear and concise sequence of operations, the use of controls narratives, and online tools and templates to make these solutions more accessible.

  • Between environmental sensors, connected building platforms, wearables, and mobile devices, data capturing devices are ubiquitous in our environments. But what are we learning about these spaces and the experience of the people who occupy them? In this webinar, presenters will discuss how to collect and utilize data from these devices to better understand system performance, occupant behavior and environmental satisfaction—and how this information can be used to improve operational efficiency and inform future design solutions.

  • This webinar will examine the ins and outs of lighting energy codes, covering the origins and challenges of existing codes and the inputs, calculations, and assumptions necessary to create robust lighting power allowances for modern energy codes.

  • In this webinar, presenters will share results from a recent PNNL human-subjects study on the visibility of TLM waveforms at or above 90 Hz, exhibiting different shapes, frequencies, modulation depths, and in the case of rectangular waves, duty cycles.

  • The speakers will discuss what is needed to improve the sustainability of lighting installations and practical approaches that lighting specifiers and manufacturers can take to have an impact on the sustainability of products and projects.

  • ANSI/IES RP-8-18 Committee Members Don MacLean and Paul Lutkevich will introduce the new standard in standards, Recommended Practice for Design and Maintenance of Roadway and Parking Facility Lighting. This incredibly ambitious and accomplished endeavor puts all of a number of previous Standards regarding Roadway Lighting into one comprehensive tome.